Our Services

The Industry Standard

T. H. Gonzalez, Inc. helps to alleviate border delays and fees while ensuring your cargo gets to where it needs to go seamlessly and always on time. Our service since 1937 remains unmatched.

Customs Clearance for Land, Air, and Ocean

  • As a premier customs broker, we consistently cater to your needs. This allows us to provide your business with the best guidance when determining the requirements necessary to fulfill your needs at the border.
  • Our national permits ensure that your cargo can be brought in from any port in the nation.

Warehousing and Distribution

We have a large warehouse facility to accommodate your cargo needs. Our facility helps you streamline your operations, getting your products from border-to-market, faster.

We offer flexible warehousing that can be scaled to meet demand. Our dedicated warehouse staff can cater to your needs, ensuring the utmost care for your most precious cargo.

  • A Bonded Warehouse is a facility where imported merchandise can be stored for up to five years, duty-free.
  • At T.H. Gonzalez, Inc., you can rest assured that your merchandise can remain stored in our bonded warehouse while you determine your next steps.
  • Contact us below for more information about our warehousing options.

Bonded Warehouse and Yard

  • 40,000 square feet of warehouse space
  • 14 acres of fenced-in land
  • Around-the-clock camera surveillance
  • Armed security


  • Our distribution services help our customers ensure their product efficiently goes from border to market. We offer industry-standard distribution services that are seamless and cost-effective. We also offer consolidation and de-consolidation programs designed to optimize the distribution needs of your business.
  • Our services can be provided as part of a fully integrated supply chain solution, as well as a stand-alone service. We utilize shared, and dedicated fleets and facilities across the country.
  • Whether you need: goods to point of manufacture, secondary freight from warehouse to point of sale, direct to store, or “last mile” delivery to your end consumer, we create a distribution solution that fits your needs.

Custom Solutions

  • As a leader in customs brokerage, we are determined to provide you with customized storage solutions. We have dedicated warehouse space available throughout our property, complete with advanced technology, security, and expert personnel.
  • Should you require a customized warehouse solution, we will work tirelessly to provide an option that best suits your business.


Fully C-TPAT Certified

  • To remain a premier broker, we partner with C-TPAT to protect the supply chain, identify security deficiencies, and implement best practices. Certification in C-TPAT ensures we can address a broad array of security issues, and present sound security profiles that repair the supply chain.
  • Our certification helps speed up time at the border, making your shipments less likely to be tediously inspected at the port of entry.
  • Your security is our priority, and you can rest assured that your shipment is safe with us.

National Permit

  • National Permit allows us to handle shipments of all shapes and sizes, and at any port of entry. Our primary ports of entry are in Piedras Negras, Coahuila, Mexico and Eagle Pass, Texas.